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Croatia Open Umag

Croatia Open Umag with over 25 years of tradition is the oldest and most prestigious tennis tournament in Croatia and the region. Apart from enjoying first rate tennis played at the ATP Umag tournament, you can also delight in the rich programme of tourist, gastronomic and entertainment events.
During the tournament, Umag becomes the centre of one of the most important social events in Croatia, attracting sports, political, economic and show-business elite, as well as a total of over 100.000 visitors.

Basic Gym One

Basic Gym One is a fitness centre with years of experience. It offers group, individual and semi-individual training sessions for recreational athletes, children, young athletes and the elderly, as well as fitness training and tests (complete diagnostics) for athletes of any competition level. Additional services include education and mentoring.
Basic Gym One is a synergy of functional and traditional fitness, integrating new, carefully selected training methods with the knowledge, experience and creativity of its trainers. They push customers out of their comfort zone and help them perform beyond their abilities using weights and other props.

Plava Laguna

The happiest memories come from more than just a hotel – they’re formed in places where guests can do everything, nothing, and anything in between. We create ‘vacation playgrounds’ like Poreč, Umag, Rijeka; unique resorts where we host Croatia’s best holidays. Whether guests seek to discover a local delicacy or simply relax by the pool, spend days exploring the great outdoors or leap, carefree, into the deep blue Adriatic sea, at our resorts it’s all possible.