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Alongside the coaches and managers, who are the initiators of success here at the Umag Tennis Academy, the Academy's infrastructure is something we are particularly proud of. As many as 20 clay courts, 4 of which are indoor courts - 2 in a hall and 2 in a tent, 8 illuminated courts and 1 hard court guarantee perfect conditions for the improvement of your tennis skills. Whether you are just a beginner, a recreational player looking to learn something or have fun, a talented youngster in need of expert help to learn the technical and tactical aspects of playing tennis or a professional looking for a serene oasis to train in, Umag Tennis Academy will provide with nothing but the best.

Additional amenities

In addition to the aforementioned tennis courts, the Academy's facilities also include the following two buildings - Tennis Centre House and Academy House. Tennis Centre House is the Academy's centre consisting of the following: a reception desk, an information desk, a gym, locker rooms and saunas, massage rooms, rooms for diagnostics, a tennis store, a restaurant and a bar. Therefore, all additional amenities you might need to make your enjoyment in tennis complete are located in this main building. In addition to training out on the court, which is the main prerequisite to step up your tennis game, this part of the Academy also offers the possibility to work on your physical fitness but also to go through the highly important recuperation and prevention exercises after having trained hard.

Free time

After some work and play at the Academy, the participants can spend their free time in a number of unique ways. Alongside the first-rate accommodation facilities, excellent hotels and luxurious apartment villages located nearby, they can enjoy plenty of other activities as well, such as beach volleyball, water sports, swimming etc.