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Four hours of tennis, an hour of conditioning and matches against colleagues which will be the perfect opportunity to show you how much you have learned. That is a short summary of an intensive programme for adults held here at the Umag Tennis Academy. Training for two, three or six days will show you just what it means to be a professional tennis player because after training tennis five hours a day you will surely feel like you are about to take on the biggest tournaments.

Of course, our coaches will do their best for the programme not to be too intensive, they will make sure that it doesn't take up on too much energy and they will schedule trainings in such a way to leave you with plenty of time to relax and enjoy Umag and its surrounding area. Training in our tennis oasis will help you get a step or two closer to making those small, sweet tennis dreams come true and you'll be as fit as never before...

• 4 hours of training a day (two hours in the morning and two in the afternoon)
• maximum 4 players per court and coach
• on-court exercises
• tennis strategy and tactics on the court
• conditioning training on the court / in the gym (60 min / day)
• sparing matches organized by the Academy


270,00 EUR / 2.034,32 HRK / 2 days (total 8 hrs. of training + 2 hrs. of conditioning training)
400,00 EUR / 3.013,80 HRK / 3 days (total 12 hrs. of training + 3 hrs. of conditioning training)
530,00 EUR / 3.993,29 HRK / 4 days (total 16 hrs. of training + 4 hrs. of conditioning training)
650,00 EUR / 4.897,43 HRK / 5 days (total 20 hrs. of training + 5 hrs. of conditioning training)
770,00 EUR / 5.801,57 HRK / 6 days (total 24 hrs. of training + 6 hrs. of conditioning training)

Fixed conversion rate of 1 € = 7,53450 kn.

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