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If your child is a beginner and you would like us to teach him the proper technique of tennis shots and the work ethic which will help him in any of the sports in the future and to also show him what makes tennis so special, but you would also like your child to have some time off the court, to spend time with his peers, then treat him to several unforgettable days in the Tennis Fun Kids Programme.

Whether you decide on two or six days of both work and play in our Academy, you will provide your child with the opportunity to take in the fundamentals of our work here. Whether he is a beginner, a competitor or a teenager who would like to learn what to do with his tennis racquet so he could spend time playing tennis with his friends, this programme will guarantee him useful lessons both on the court and in the fitness centre. Both segments are equally important and valuable and an individual approach will allow our coaches, who will work with a maximum of four children on one court at a time, to detect and correct your child's technical and tactical weak spots.

Since all coaches, from those working in clubs to the best ones in tennis, emphasise the importance of physical training in today's tennis, and an hour of conditioning, as well as two hours of tennis a day, they will provide your child with important guidelines for his future tennis journey.

• 2 hours of training a day (in the morning from 8 to 10 or from 10 to 12)
• maximum 4 players per court and coach
• on-court exercises
• tennis strategy and tactics on the court
• conditioning training on the court / in the gym (60 min / day)


125,00 EUR / 941,81 HRK / 2 days (total 4 hrs. of training + 2 hrs. of conditioning training)
185,00 EUR / 1.393,89 HRK / 3 days (total 6 hrs. of training + 3 hrs. of conditioning training)
250,00 EUR /1.883,63 HRK / 4 days (total 8 hrs. of training + 4 hrs. of conditioning training)
310,00 EUR / 2.335,70 HRK / 5 days (total 10 hrs. of training + 5 hrs. of conditioning training)
370,00 EUR / 2.787,77 HRK / 6 days (total 12 hrs. of training + 6 hrs. of conditioning training)

Fixed conversion rate of 1 € = 7,53450 kn.

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