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Are you a recreational player eager to both learn and delight in the pleasures of Umag? Would you like to see how our coaches approach the tennis game and to learn the easiest way to improve your game or to learn the basics to be able to have even more fun while playing tennis with your friends? If so, then the Tennis Fun Adults Programme is just the thing you need!

The programme lasting from 2 up to 6 days includes 2 hours of tennis a day and 1 hour of conditioning on the court and/or in the fitness centre. This programme will give you the opportunity to get familiar with the methods our coaches use in their work focusing on your weak spots and teaching you how to improve them in the future. Alongside the technical aspect, our coaches will also provide you with a clear tactical framework which will help you gain key advantage over your friends, colleagues and adversaries from your local clubs. Besides, this programme leaves you with plenty of time to enjoy the plentiful Umag offer unrelated to tennis.

• 2 hours of training a day (in the morning from 8 to 10 or from 10 to 12)
• maximum 4 players per court and coach
• on-court exercises
• tennis strategy and tactics on the court
• conditioning training on the court / in the gym (60 min / day)


125,00 EUR / 941,81 HRK / 2 days (total 4 hrs. of training + 2 hrs. of conditioning training)
185,00 EUR / 1.393,89 HRK / 3 days (total 6 hrs. of training + 3 hrs. of conditioning training)
250,00 EUR / 1.883,63 HRK / 4 days (total 8 hrs. of training + 4 hrs. of conditioning training)
310,00 EUR / 2.335,70 HRK / 5 days (total 10 hrs. of training + 5 hrs. of conditioning training)
370,00 EUR / 2.787,77 HRK / 6 days (total 12 hrs. of training + 6 hrs. of conditioning training)

Fixed conversion rate of 1 € = 7,53450 kn.

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